Richview Collegiate Institute (RCI)

High School Friends

I didn’t make a lot of new friends in high school, but those I did, I really enjoyed, and we had a lot of fun!

 Tom McTaggart (a lifelong friend)

Tom and I met during our grade 12 year at Richview. Tom’s family had just moved to our area and he had transferred to RCI from Royal York Collegiate. It’s funny, our friendship clicked immediately and we became “fast” friends. A friendship that lasted for over 50 years, until his passing a few years ago. I will talk a lot more about this long friendship with Tom, but at this point I will just about this period in our lives. Shirley and I had broken up, and I was ready for a new romance. Tom was dating his future wife, Phyllis. Tom suggested that I join them on a double date. Since I had no female relationship at that time, Phyllis introduced me to her friend, Joy. We went on our double date and Joy and I click, ay least for a little while. We had a lot of fun, but the infatuation faded for both of us. Tom’s and my friendship didn’t fade and we still did a lot of things together. As I said, I’ll talk a lot more about Tom and our adventures later.


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