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The Rest of the Story… The Police (continued)

You might remember in a previous Blog, that I told you that Richard’s father was very stern, with little, or no sense of humour. The three of us were terrified at what Richard’s father might say or do. Richard was our friend, and we needed to get him out of jail. The only person who could do that was, of course, Rich’s father. After leaving Richard in the custody of the police, we drove, very slowly, to Richard’s house. It was quite late and very dark. The lights at the house were all off. It appeared that all the residents in the house were asleep! We all “crawled” out of the car and “tiptoed” to the kitchen door. We were all dreading how Mr. Lambert would react! We knock lightly on the door, “no answer”, “no lights”! We talked about just leaving, and letting Richard “fend” for himself. Cooler heads (or fear) got the better of us and we once again knocked on the kitchen door. 

(to be continued)


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