Richview Collegiate Institute (RCI)

The Rest of the Story… The Police (continued)

This time, a little louder. It was quiet for a moment and then the light went on. Richard’s father opened the door, a towering figure, asked us why were here. We all looked up at him and “jerkily” told him that Rich was in jail! We were expecting anger and profanity, but that’s not what happened! Instant, Mr. Lambert started to “laugh”. I don’t mean a small “chuckle”, I mean a full “belly” laugh! To say the obvious, we were stunned! This was not what we had expected! After Mr. Lambert had stopped laughing, he told us to go home and that he would take care of it. Richard never told us what punishment he was given, but the argument with Liz was completely forgotten. After that there was no more liquor involved in our “double dates”. (or COPS!)



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