Richview Collegiate Institute (RCI)

High School Friends

I didn’t make a lot of new friends in high school, but those I did, I really enjoyed, and we had a lot of fun!

Bruce Saracini

One of my close friends was Bruce Saracini. Bruce’s father was in the development and construction business and was very successful. Bruce and his family lived in a large home that backed into a well-known golf course. Strangely, we only took advantage of the golf course a few times. Our main focus, back then, was not golf, or surprisingly girls, it was music! Bruce and I were quite the pair. After school we would go to his house, choose some records to listen to and then, put them on the record player and turn up the volume! As the music gyrated, Bruce and I would sing into "imaginary" microphones and play our “air guitars”. I am sure that if anyone looked in at us, they would wonder what these two “goofs” were doing. We didn’t care, we were having fun and enjoying the music, the Four Seasons, The Teddy Bears, Lou Christie, Franky Avalon and more!

(to be continued)



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